General information

Ansaldo STS is a company limited by shares based in Genoa, Via Paolo Mantovani 3/5 with a branch establishment in Naples, Via Argine 425; it has been listed on the Italian stock exchange (Star segment) since 29 March 2006 and has been included on the FTSE MIB index since 23 March 2009.
Ansaldo STS SpA is a subsidiary of Finmeccanica SpA - whose headquarters are in Rome, Piazza Monte Grappa 4 - which manages and co-ordinates the activities of Ansaldo STS SpA.
The Ansaldo STS Group operates on a worldwide scale in the design, creation, marketing and sale of solutions, systems, products, components and services in the “Signalling” and “Transportation Solutions” sectors for inter-city and urban railways.
Ansaldo STS SpA, as Parent company, carries out the functions of business and strategic management, coordinating the operations of its subsidiaries (together known as the “Ansaldo STS Group” or the “Group”), which operate in the above-mentioned sectors.
The Ansaldo STS Group grew out of the transport signalling and systems operations which, until the second half of the 1990s, were carried out by Ansaldo Trasporti within the Finmeccanica Group. The formation of Ansaldo Signal NV in 1996 and of Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA in 2000 (together with the formation of AnsaldoBreda, for the vehicles segment, the same year) produced a reorganisation of the entire transport sector, as a result of which Finmeccanica held a 100% stake in Ansaldo Signal NV, Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA and AnsaldoBreda SpA.
Meanwhile, in 1996 Finmeccanica SpA had acquired S.I.C. Società Italiana Comunicazioni Srl, renamed EuroSkyway Srl in 1997; the company was put into liquidation in April 2005.
Following Finmeccanica SpA’s strategic decision in the second half of 2005 to list its signalling and transport systems companies on the stock exchange (having previously put in place a unitary management structure to enhance their business and commercial synergies) the EuroSkyway Srl shareholders’ meeting, through its sole shareholder, Finmeccanica SpA, decided at the end of 2005 to revoke the company’s state of liquidation and transform it into a company limited by shares, to change its own name to Ansaldo STS SpA, and to change its business object, focusing on signalling and transport systems for inter-city and urban rail systems.
To complete the above reorganisation, in February 2006 Ansaldo STS SpA, as already stated, acquired from Finmeccanica SpA the entire share capital of Ansaldo Signal NV and of Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA and since 29 March 2006 Ansaldo STS SpA has been listed on the stock exchange.
Specifically, Finmeccanica SpA placed on the market 60 million shares of the Company, equal to 60% of its share capital, at EUR 7.80 per share, retaining the remaining 40 million, equal to 40% of the share capital.
Upon the acquisition of stakes in Ansaldo Signal NV and in Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA (24 February 2006), all the companies operating worldwide for the Signalling-related activities were headed by Ansaldo Signal NV; while the Transport Systems activities were centred on Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA.
After the listing, a process for the corporate reorganisation of the Group was put into action in order to rationalise the current control chain of the subsidiaries and reduce the costs connected with the Group’s corporate structure. This reorganisation led in the years 2007 - 2009 to the finalisation of these main transactions.
In the Asia Pacific region, the reallocation of a few equity investments in Group companies, in consideration of the ever-increasing importance that those markets have assumed for the Group and of the close industrial and commercial interaction among these companies. Consequently, since 1 January 2008 Ansaldo STS Australia PTY Ltd has been controlling the Indian and Malaysian operating companies and has been put under the direct control of the Group parent Ansaldo STS SpA. Furthermore, two other companies were established: Ansaldo STS Southern Africa (Botswana) and Ansaldo STS – InfraDEV South Africa(1) that, under the control of Ansaldo STS Australia PTY Ltd, operate on the expanding markets of Southern Africa.
In Italy, Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario SpA and Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA, the two companies that operated in the two different business units (Signalling and Transportation Solutions respectively) have been merged through incorporation into the listed Group parent Ansaldo STS SpA. The merger through incorporation has had legal, accounting and tax effective date since 1 January 2009.
The Dutch sub-holding Ansaldo Signal NV was merged through incorporation into Ansaldo STS SpA, with legal, accounting and tax effective date since 1 October 2009. As a result of this transaction, all the equity investments held by Ansaldo Signal NV were transferred to Ansaldo STS SpA.
Moreover, in order to support the development of the Group business in South America, a new company “Ansaldo STS Sistemas de Transporte e Sinalização Limitada” was formed in Brazil, in which Ansaldo STS SpA has an interest of 99.99% and Ansaldo STS USA International Co. an interest of 0.01% and, always with a view to expand its business, the Company formed, with the local partner JSC REMLOCOMOTIV, the Joint Venture “Kazakhstan TZ-Ansaldo STS Italy Limited Liability Partnership” in which ASTS has an interest of 49% and the Kazakh partner holds the remaining 51%.
As already said, the Ansaldo STS Group operates in the inter-city and urban railway sector through two business units: Signalling and Transportation Solutions.
The Signalling Business Unit carries out the following activities: design, production, management and maintenance of systems, subsystems and components of signalling for inter-city and urban rail transport; the reference main operating companies are the Group parent Ansaldo STS SpA in Italy (as a result of the incorporation of Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario SpA), Ansaldo STS France SA in France, Ansaldo STS Australia PTY Ltd in the Asia Pacific region and Ansaldo STS USA Inc. in America.
The “Transportation Solutions” Business Unit carries out the following activities: design and creation of integrated transport systems, of which signalling is an essential part. In more detail, this activity studies, designs and plans how to integrate the activities of designing and building the technological equipment that goes to make up a system - that is, the track, signalling, power supply, telecommunications, and vehicles (whether for inter-city or urban railways) as well as any other technological works which, collectively, constitute an integrated transport system. The final product - an integrated transport system, whether an inter-city line or an urban one - is then delivered as a “turnkey” project to the customer. However, the Group can also offer the expertise of Signalling or Transport Systems separately, according to specific customer needs.
The core competences of these activities are concentrated in Italy in the Group parent Ansaldo STS SpA, following the incorporation of the subsidiary Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari SpA, which was the company dedicated exclusively to this sector; all the Group companies that operate abroad, born as Signalling-related companies, have undertaken to develop their competences and their commercial presence in the Transportation Solutions sector as well.

(1) In the course of 2010 Ansaldo STS acquired a 49.3% interest in Ansaldo STS Infradev South Africa Pty Ltd therefore holding 100% of shares. Following this purchase, in the course of 2010 the company changed its corporate name to Ansaldo STS South Africa Pty Ltd.